• Become a First-Class Journalist Become a First-Class Journalist Knowing how to craft compelling and journalistically-sound stories, are essential skills for all reporters. Whether you work in radio, TV, print or new media... get the skills you need to succeed, from VanMedia Group.
  • VanMedia Group VanMedia Group Headquartered in Singapore, but with global reach, VanMedia Group is an innovative, results-oriented media consulting firm specializing in the training of corporate spokespeople (media & presentation skills) as well as teaching early and mid-career journalists.
  • Become a First-Class Communicator The media landscape is jammed with people trying to get their messages. Sadly, most don’t do a very good job and end up wasting a valuable communication opportunity. VanMedia Group shows you how to engage with reporters, producers and presenters - to make the most of your time in print or on-air.
    Become a First-Class Communicator
  • Customized Training to Exceed Your Needs Customized Training to Exceed Your Needs Your training needs aren’t cookie cutter and neither are VanMedia Group training programs. We tailor all training and consultation to meet specific client needs and objectives. Our trainers each have more than two-decades of experience as international broadcasters and reporters.

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