At VanMedia Group, we like to let our clients tell you about their experience with us.
Thanks for their comments, below.

Great personal experience and real life scenario; you know more about yourself after the session. This is exactly the training I needed to feel confident in presenting to the media, in the office and public speaking.
- Managing Director, global leader, fast moving consumer goods

The media training will not just help me for interviews, but this is something that i will use every day. The live interviews were great, and harder than you think.
- President, global development group

Glenn’s expertise with all aspects of broadcasting and journalism gives him breadth and depth when it comes to training. Since Glenn has been behind the presenter’s desk himself, he understands the challenges. Since he has been a producer, he realizes the complications. Since he has been a reporter he is sensitive to external pressures and limitations. The fact Glenn has done all of these roles in Asia, he is attuned to the cultural preferences and customs. Aside from his impeccable professionalism, Glenn is a pleasure to work with and to be around. He is efficient, delivers what he promises and is completely reliable.
- Senior Executive Producer at a global news network.

Glenn is able to simplify the process (focusing on key messages and practice) such that it makes media interaction easy and less daunting.
- Director, government agency

I found the training session very helpful as the program can be flexible and is customized to suit the trainee’s preference and profile. For example, more time was allocated to focus on developing holding statements and key messages base on trainee’s request.
- VP Corporate Communications, global power & automation company

I walked into the session a complete amateur… I walked out of the training feeling a lot more confident! Thanks.
- Business Manager, global leader, fast moving consumer goods

Good sessions, found the vocal exercises very useful, and also the tips and tricks to sound good when recording voice were helpful. A lot of time was spent on each individual, team member to correct their peculiar issues.
- Technical Writer, global leader, CAD software

Before I joined the training, I actually thought that I didn’t need it. Boy, was I wrong. Thanks for an enlightening session.
- Marketing Director, premium automobile manufacturer